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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Top Tech Gadgets For the Office

Does your office sometimes give the feel of having an impersonal and unwelcoming environment? Do you often find the workplace cold and passionless? Missing the zest?

If YES, then it’s time to introduce some innovative and productive tech gadgets to your workplace. Add life to work, instead of just long hours. We are living in an age where there’s nothing that technology can’t help us with, provided we know the difference between digital toys and real gadgets. Before you rush to shop for your office, check these trending gadgets that are worth every penny you put in:

How often do you struggle with cheap earbuds and headphones? You want to listen to something that makes you feel rejuvenated, or to take a little break, or something to just keep playing while you focus on a repetitive task, but the sound quality ends up ruining the mood. Happens often, right? What’s the alternative, replacing them with expensive ones? Well, you can, but what if you don’t want to mess with your budget. Here’s another option. Try Boomstick. An affordable sound enhancer, made to boost the audio quality of your existing earbuds and headphones. This one device can provide the quality you’ve been missing so far, without being expensive to your pocket. An item that can immediately fit into your current budget.

Entrepreneurs, who travel a lot carrying their MacBooks, are aware of the MacBook chargers breaking, due to the regular need to untangle its cord. Now there’s a product that can easily take care of that issue: JuiceBoxx, an innovative charger case for MacBook chargers. The JuiceBoxx case smoothly slides over a charger, ensuring that the charger’s cord doesn’t bend any more than 90 degrees. Hence, no more breaking. A “must have” for your MacBook.

We all have our tablets, laptops, notebooks, and phones handy all the time, but don’t we often feel the need to scribble, doodle — make those personal little notes — as we think and work on presentations and other activities that need creative thinking? Thinking with a pen. We all do it – some do it less, some do it more. How about having a digital pen that can scribble and doodle on an actual paper and on a digital screen, using an app? Say “hello” to Livescribe Pen — the freedom to think with a pen in hand. The latest version, with support to vector strokes, is considered a delight by users working on vector-oriented graphic apps.

This smart gadget can not only prove to be a good addition to your workplace, but also to your home. Sentri monitors air quality, humidity, and temperature, and displays the readings on its 10-inch touchscreen. It can be conveniently hung on a wall or placed on the top shelf. Sentri also has a built in HD camera that spans a 120-degree wide-angle. This feature allows the device to be used for security monitoring too. Watch home from office, or office from home. A truly helpful gadget, isn’t it?

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