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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tips To Save Your Business Money on PPC

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are often considered costly, and that’s because many are not aware of some simple and important money-saving tricks. These tricks/tips will not only save your business money but also provide you a better perspective of the whole PPC strategy.

Give a moment to these tried and tested tips to make the best out of PPC in the least expensive way:

Until and unless you understand the actual difference between broad match, broad match modifier, exact match, and phrase match keywords; your PPC campaign cannot be well-designed and structured.

By opting for broad match keywords, your ads can populate even in scenarios where user’s misspell the keyword, or just conduct a related search. If you aren’t aware of this bit of information, you need to check Google’s chart and examples explaining the uses of different match types.

If your business belongs to an industry that encounters large search volumes, applying phrase match, exact match, or broad match modifier can be highly useful. The same applies when your ads are designed to target large audiences for maximum utilization.

Click on “search terms” available in the keyword tab of your ad program and check the long list of search queries entered by users before they click on your ads. You’ll gain some good insight and save money by finding out all the irrelevant search queries that you’ve been paying for, so far.

Opting for call tracking solutions might seem like an additional cost to you, but it has its value. A good call tracking software can provide a dashboard with an overview of constructive data, including the keywords used by callers to click on ads, the web pages accessed by them before making calls, and the PPC campaigns that are responsible for generating the highest number of calls. Call tracking solutions offer a great scope for reviewing and restructuring ads. Give it a chance.

You need to review your PPC performance based on the flow of visitors and conversions according to the day, time, and location.

While dealing with biggest visitor turnouts and conversions, you’re likely to come across peaks and troughs. Times when the incoming traffic is high and when it is low. Narrowing the peaks segment into hourly slots per day of the week will boost the performance of your AdWords campaign.

Also, using location data along with peaks (time and day) data will be helpful to target ads, and adjust bids to get the best possible results.

Reviewing ad campaign’s performance on a regular basis will reveal some interesting trends, beneficial for scheduling ads and setting bid adjustments.

Mobile browsing is growing by leaps and bounds year after year. Impressions and clicks, through mobile devices, are constantly increasing. Make sure you harness this traffic. You can no longer afford to ignore mobile traffic. Your sites have to be mobile-friendly, providing top quality mobile browsing experience. Focus on creating dedicated ads for mobiles, which can handle specific mobile language. And you will see an increase in click-through rates.

Understand what these tips are trying to say and show. It’s all about aligning to methods that can help you save money by managing PPC campaigns efficiently.

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